Hi! I’m Damari!



I am a first generation American that grew up in the projects of East Los Angeles! 

I grew up poor and with no experience about money or how to build long term wealth. Although I pursued an education and career in Accounting, it was a long time before I discovered and understood the Foundation of Money.

I have spent the last 15 years in my career as an Accountant. I own a tax firm in Huntington Beach California, The Gold Standard Accounting & Tax.

Throughout my career there has been a common theme among Women, speaking about Money and personal finances is scary!

And so, I realized why most of us have a hard time understanding how to save money, pay off debt, start a retirement account, not feel broke, not live paycheck to paycheck. The reason is because we don’t know the Foundation of Money. We don’t have the fundamental, practical skills to flourish and build.  

If you are tired of living in the dark about your money, if you are tired of feeling fearful and you desire freedom, security and confidence, then you have come to the right place.  

Let me show you how to create a strong foundation you can build upon and BE a Confident Money Woman!

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