Tax Savings Secrets

taxdeductible taxsaving womenandmoney Sep 28, 2021


What’s better than making good money? Saving on taxes!!


Here are the tax savings you can't afford to miss… 


Did you know that if you have kids between the ages of 8 and 18, you can hire them and pay them up to $12,200 and tax free income? Of course there’s more to talk about there, but it can be quite a significant savings!


Did you know that if you purchase a vehicle, you can deduct about $18,100 in depreciable expenses depending on the vehicle? You can’t buy yourself a Lambo, but it can save you about $18,100 and depreciation expense for your business. 


Did you know that you can contribute to a self employed retirement account up to 25% of your net profit that can add up to quite a significant amount of savings?


Everything I just shared with you is an upwards of about $36,000 tax deferred income that you can take expenses deductions on your business now to save on taxes. 


And that is not all of it! Here’s the top tax savings secret you don’t want to miss:


Did you know that having a good accountant is definitely something you can’t afford to be without! ⁣And, it’s a tax deductible expense! Having a tax accountant on your side can really make tax time a breeze! 


Lucky for you that is what I do. If you are looking for a good accountant, I suggest hopping on a call with me and let’s get you set up properly!




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