Money after Divorce

divorce kidsofdivorce moneyanddivorce singlemom womenandmoney Mar 17, 2021
Single Mom

Divorce, was one of the hardest life and money challenges I have ever been through.

I walked away with nothing other than the money I had managed to save.
I was managing my business and continuing to finish my graduate program when it all took place.
Every fear you can think of went through my mind. What if I can’t make it on my own. My kids depend on me. I have to save face so no one knows I’m hurting and thinks that I have it all together. I felt as though, I had failed.
As composed as I may seem... I didn’t have it together. I was afraid. I was afraid of failing, losing clients, wondering where I would get my next payment from.
Opening up about this part of my life is very difficult. But, this message is not intended for pity or to speak negatively about my children’s father. This message is to encourage women in any difficult financial situation to know, that you too can take the next step in life even with the fears. Financial difficulties can take many faces in our lives but we can fail forward.
First Steps to take after or during Divorce:
  1. Take inventory of your money. It is very important for you to know where you stand with your money. Whether you work or not, begin to write down all of your income sources and all of your debts.
  2.  Make sure to have a copy of the following important documents:
    1. Tax Returns
    2. Bank Statements
    3. Retirement Accounts
    4. List of Assets
    5. Life Insurances
    6. Birth Certificates
    7. Social Security Cards
    8. Passports
  3.  Speak to an attorney or a legal aid. They will have a neutral opinion or suggestions of your unique situation. Keep most of the details to yourself until you are ready to talk about it with others.
  4. Above all else, know that you will get through this situation. I am living proof that on the other side of this difficult time there is peace, freedom and love. 
It has been over 5 years since the divorce, I feel the best I ever have in business and in life. I completed my Graduate Program 4 years ago. My kids are happy and healthy and I have met the love of my life (I wasn't looking).
Let me tell you.... you have it in you to push through the fear and come out on the other side of any life changing situation.

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