I'm not Special

confidentwoman moneyclarity moneyconfidence Apr 30, 2021

I’m not Special. I just believed and went for it!

My financial journey has been an extensive one. Let me break it down for you


  • 20k Credit Card Debt at least 3 times in my life - got out of debt and back in
  • Student loans of 110k
  • Filed for Bankruptcy
  • Had kids (significant money change)
  • Unemployed
  • Got a Divorce
  • Started a business
  • Saved over 50k
  • Had no savings at one point


The list is indeed long... I share this with you because becoming a confident woman with money is not because I’m special; it’s not because I have a career in accounting.


It is because I put in the work, and through trial and error, I realized I wanted a change. I was tired of feeling broke, confused, insecure, and misguided.


You don’t have to make six figures, you don’t have to have a million in the bank, you don’t have to own a business or work two jobs.


The keys to becoming a Confident Money Woman are:

  • acknowledging where you are financially
  • Make a conscious and consistent effort to know what you do with your money monthly.
  • Make small changes that will have a massive impact over time
  • Be patient with the process
  • Seek guidance!

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